Clear Jumbo SUP Rail Saver RSPro

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Highest quality transparent SUP rail protection for BIG boards

– 2 strips with 210cm (6’11″) x 8,9cm (3″1/2)
– Specifically designed to suit the needs of big boards, with big rails. Perfect for anything above 11′.
– Clear, translucid, with RSPro logo at the side in silver color for a perfect match to any board colors.
– UV resistant and perfectly crystaline adhesive.
– Super-easy installation. Allows repositioning while installing and easy adaptation to difficult áreas.
– Semi-rigid 380 micron PVC lenticular pattern surface for high impact and abrasion resistance with the minimum weight
– Zero drag.

Rail Saver Pro

Clear Jumbo SUP Rail Saver RSPro

TIPS for a perfect installation:

Don’t install it on a cold environment. We recommend to install it at room temperature. Below 20ºC (68F) the material and glue tend to get rigid, so it would make the installation more difficult. If you can’t do it at room temperature above that temperature, use a hairdryer or heat gun to apply a gentle heat over the rail protection before, during and after installation.

Unroll the rail protection bands and place on at each side of the board.

Mark with a pencil the center of the rail protection band.

Before removing the backing, place the center of the rail protection band at the center of the board rail and extend it to the nose, mark the board with a pencil where the start of the rail protection band should be. Now you have the perfect placing longitudinally.

Start peeling the front side of the rail protection band and start sticking it where you marked the board and on the edge of the board rail (this is the more external part of the board, and where all impacts will take place).

Follow the board rail edge until the end.

Clear Jumbo SUP Rail Saver

If your board coating/painting is weak (usually the case on extremely expensive and on extremely cheap boards), or if you prefer to play around with the rail protection band until you find the perfect spot, spray some clean water over the rail of your board.

It will allow you to move the rail protection band, and once placed, remove excess water with a squeegee or similar (example video). Rest of the water will evaporate by itself after some hours.

We recommend to wait for 6 hours before going to the water.

If you need to remove it, we advice to apply some heat with a hairdryer or heatgun to soft the adhesive and to make it easier to remove.

Clear Jumbo SUP Rail Saver RSPro



Rail Savers e Grips RSPRO.

Proteções Rail Savers e Grips da marca RSPRO

Proteção para Rails de pranchas de Stand Up Paddle SUP e Surf, habitualmente designados por Rail Savers. Proteções e Grips para Remos e Pagaias de Stand Up Paddle SUP. Grips para pranchas de Surf e SUP Stand Up Paddle. Grips para substituição de wax Hexa Traction. Disponíveis em varias cores e materiais. Dispomos de uma gama alargada de acessórios de proteção e tração para SUP Stand Up Paddle, Surf, Foil e Kitesurf da marca RSPRO. Para mais informações consulta-nos ou marca uma visita ao nosso showroom em Lisboa através de mensagem ou telefone.

Some information about RSPRO brand

RSPRO is a premium surf accessories brand that is known for its innovative and high-quality products. The brand was founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2010 and has quickly become a favorite among surfers of all levels around the world. RSPRO's flagship product is its HexaTraction traction pad. HexaTraction is a unique hexagonal pattern that provides exceptional grip in all conditions, even when wet. RSPRO also offers a wide range of other surf accessories, including: Nose guards Rail savers Paddle grips Ding patches Leashes Fins RSPRO products are made with the highest quality materials and construction, and they are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. The brand is committed to providing surfers with the best possible products to help them improve their performance and enjoy the sport more.

Here are some of the reasons why RSPRO surf accessories are so popular:

Exceptional grip: RSPRO's HexaTraction traction pad provides the best grip in the industry, even when wet. This means that surfers can stay focused on catching waves and riding them with confidence. High quality: RSPRO products are made with the highest quality materials and construction, so surfers can be sure that they will last for seasons to come. Innovative design: RSPRO's products are designed to be innovative and functional. For example, the HexaTraction traction pad is designed to provide grip without sacrificing comfort, and the nose guards are designed to protect the nose of the surfboard without adding unnecessary weight. Satisfaction guarantee: RSPRO is so confident in its products that it offers a satisfaction guarantee. If surfers are not happy with their purchase for any reason, they can return it for a full refund. If you are looking for high-quality surf accessories that will help you improve your performance and enjoy the sport more, RSPRO is the brand for you.
Rail Saver Pro

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