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  • Prancha SUP Foil Sunova Aviator Downwind Pro Casey
  • Prancha SUP Foilboard Sunova 2IN1
  • Prancha F-One Rocket Downwind

    Prancha F-One ROCKET Downwind Pro

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  • Prancha F-One Insuflável Wing Foil Rocket Air

    Prancha F-One Insuflável Wing Foil Rocket Air

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  • Foil F-One Gravity FCT

    Foil F-One GRAVITY FCT

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  • Foil F-One Phantom FCT

    Foil F-One PHANTOM FCT

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  • Foil GRAVITY Carbon

    Foil GRAVITY Carbon

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  • Foil F-One Phantom Carbon

    Foil F-One PHANTOM Carbon

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  • On Sale!Foil Phantom Carbon Plane

    Plane PHANTOM Carbon 1780

     790.00 IVA incluído
    De 2023-01-01 até 2023-12-31 ou até acabar stock
  • Foil F-One Seven Seas Carbon

    Foil F-One SEVEN SEAS Carbon

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  • Foil F-One Eagle Carbon

    Foil F-One EAGLE Carbon

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  • Foil Mast Top Parts

    Mast Top Parts

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  • Mast Plate Adapters

    Mast Plate Adapters

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  • Titan Mast Foot

    Titan Mast Foot

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  • Foil Leash Belt Manera

    Foil Leash Belt Manera

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  • Foil Leashs Manera

    Foil Leash Manera

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  • On Sale!Deep KF box

    KF box

     35.00 IVA incluído
    De 2023-01-01 até 2023-12-31 ou até acabar stock
  • On Sale!Deep KF box

    Deep KF Box

     35.00 IVA incluído
    De 2023-01-01 até 2023-12-31 ou até acabar stock

SUP Foil

Foils Pranchas Boards

For the 2022 foilboard collection, F-ONE’s R&D team had worked extensively for finding the perfect balance between volume and size. Foil boards need just enough volume to float, and allow a soft water start, but not too much so that it doesn’t permit a fast take-off, reduce turning abilities, speed, so the main focus was to find this tipping point that will turn your sessions in pure enjoyment.

The second point in which F One was focused was on improving the strength and stiffness of the boards as the sports are moving forward and becoming more demanding. Riders are pushing more, jumping higher, or making new moves, and we needed our boards to be up tothe hallenge of these new standards.

Here we develop a quick guide to help you choose your F-ONE board. Apart from the equipment characteristics, it is important to keep in mind that the best decision always depends on your skill level, your weight, your usual riding conditions, and your chosen program.

Pranchas Boards SUP Foil – Range presentation

This board range was developed with accessibility and performance in mind. Listening to the feedbacks and demands of our team of pro riders for most performance, but simultaneously aimed to offer incredible boards for anyone independent from their level or skill.

Overall, these boards are narrower, thinner, and more compact than most on the market for equal volumes. We want riders to get the best feel for their foil underneath their feet, to be able to take-off easily, and to have minimal drag while in the air for more speed and control.

Our range of wing and surf foil boards has considerably expanded this year with the addition of three completely new models, as well as new sizes and advancements on our existing ones. We also added a new model and technology to our kite foil board range, while also significantly improving our existing boards.

Rocket Surf

Foils Pranchas Boards
The ROCKET SURF has a compact design that will guarantee that you can ride, take-off, pump or carve with maximum control. Its shape has been optimized and construction reinforced for even better precision and control.

Rocket Sup Downwind

Foils Pranchas Boards
Our ROCKET SUP DOWNWIND is a fantastic board to surf and is also the best board to downwind. Its shape is the perfect combination of the qualities of our previous SUP foil boards, all while maintaining the right balance between maximum volume and speed. It is an impressive board that will let you fly endlessly.

Wing & Surf SUP Foil boards Construction & Technologies

Our wing and surf foil boards are available in three constructions: the Full Bamboo, HD Foam Carbon Composite, and the ASC.

Foils Pranchas Boards

The Full Bamboo construction uses natural properties of bamboo veneers placed between fiberglass layers to create a strong, durable, light shell for the entire board. Some boards are also equipped with an extra layer of bamboo (Double Bamboo Deck) in the stance area to make the deck even more resistant to local heel pressures and dings.

Wing foil boards constructed with the HD Foam Carbon Composite are fantastic for freestyle

Finally, the Air Shield Composite (ASC) boards are constructed around a lightweight injected EPS core molded to our original shape. It is laminated with a composite made of high-strength glass fiber, epoxy resin and a shield made of a high-quality protective top sheet layer. The ASC boards are responsive and extremely durable.

SUP Foil


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