Proteção Wing Foil

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  • Wing Foil Wrist Leash

    Wing Foil Wrist Leash

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  • Foil Leashs Manera

    Foil Leash Manera

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  • Colete Proteção Manera Boom

    Colete Impacto Manera Boom

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  • Colete Proteção Manera Vagabond
  • Pro-Tec Ace Water
  • Capacete S-Foam Manera

    Capacete S-Foam Manera

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  • Capacete Pro-Tec Ace Wake

    Capacete Pro-Tec Ace Wake

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Proteção Wing Foil
Ensuring safety and protection while wingfoiling is crucial. Here is a list of the best equipment to enhance safety and rider protection:


Importance: Protects your head from impacts with the board, wing, or other objects.
Recommended Types: Lightweight, water-sport-specific helmets with good ventilation and coverage.
Impact Vest / Buoyancy Aid:

Importance: Provides buoyancy and protection for your torso against impacts.
Recommended Types: Vests designed for water sports that offer both flotation and impact protection.
Wetsuit / Drysuit:

Importance: Keeps you warm in cold water and provides some protection against abrasions.
Recommended Types: Neoprene wetsuits of appropriate thickness for the water temperature; drysuits for very cold conditions.
Wing Leash:

Importance: Prevents the wing from drifting away, which can be dangerous especially in windy conditions or far from shore.
Recommended Types: Wrist or waist leashes with a quick-release mechanism.
Board Leash:

Importance: Keeps the board tethered to you, preventing it from drifting away if you fall off.
Recommended Types: Coiled or straight leashes designed for use with foil boards.
Foil Cover / Guards:

Importance: Protects the sharp edges of the foil when not in use, reducing the risk of injury.
Recommended Types: Padded covers for the foil’s wings and mast.
Personal Flotation Device (PFD):

Importance: Ensures buoyancy, particularly useful in rough conditions or if you’re not a strong swimmer.
Recommended Types: Compact PFDs designed for active water sports.
Protective Footwear:

Importance: Protects your feet from sharp objects in the water and provides traction on the board.
Recommended Types: Neoprene booties or shoes designed for water sports.

Importance: Protect your hands from blisters and provide better grip on the wing.
Recommended Types: Neoprene gloves with reinforced palms.
Hydration Pack:

Importance: Keeps you hydrated during long sessions, which is vital for maintaining energy and focus.
Recommended Types: Compact hydration packs that can be worn under or over a wetsuit.
Sun Protection:

Importance: Protects against harmful UV rays, especially important for long sessions in the sun.
Recommended Types: Water-resistant sunscreen, UV-protection clothing, and sunglasses with a retainer strap.
Communication Device:

Importance: Allows you to call for help in case of an emergency.
Recommended Types: Waterproof VHF radio or a personal locator beacon (PLB).
Investing in these safety and protection equipment can significantly reduce the risks associated with wingfoiling, allowing you to enjoy the sport with greater confidence and peace of mind.

Proteção Wing Foil

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