Escolas Schools Kitesurf Wingfoil Portugal

Escolas Schools Kitesurf Wingfoil Portugal

Together with our partners, we develop a network of schools and accomodation for everyone who wants to spend their holidays in Portugal, enjoying kitesurf, wingfoil or stand up paddle, totally equipped with F One gear.

In the Lisbon area, we have two schools:

Elisiario in Baia do Seixal, is an ideal flat water spot for everyone who wants to learn wing foil with maximum security. One of the best windsurfs schools in Portugal, now is also into wing foil with personalized lessons with a support boat, that allows a safe and fast development.

Also in Lisboa, in Costa da Caparica, Gustavo is the guy, with his kitesurf school Katavento and Manawa Camp, an accomodation 5 minutes close to the beach.

Further North, in Murtosa, Aveiro, we have Adriano and his school Nortada specialized in kitesurf and wingfoil.

Sports hotel and Schools Kitesurf Wingfoil Portugal

In the beatiful peninsula of Esposende, just 30 minutes from Porto Airport, you can find Sense of Ofir, a small and luxury hotel, where you can learn and pratice kitesurf, wing foil or stand up paddle, in a calm and beautiful natural landscape.

Sense Of Ofir is in a stunning location, facing both the river and the ocean . The contemporary design of the hotel is made to showcase the natural beauty of the scenery.

With 7 rooms, looking at the River,  a Lounge Bar, with a restaurant, and a sun deck with a swimming pool, you can enjoy the spectacular views of this peninsula. Indulge in a unique experience of this refined beach house style and comfortable amenities.

The rooms are simply but elegantly furnished. Interior decoration pieces are selected with local and international artists, to fit in with the natural colours of the surroundings, showing through the panoramic windows.

Escolas Schools Kitesurf Wingfoil Portugal

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