Foil Safety and Protection

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  • Foil Leash Belt Manera

    Foil Leash Belt Manera

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  • Foil Leashs Manera

    Foil Leash Manera

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  • Colete Proteção Manera Boom

    Colete Impacto Manera Boom

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  • Colete Proteção Manera Vagabond
  • Pro-Tec Ace Water
  • Capacete S-Foam Manera

    Capacete S-Foam Manera

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  • Capacete Pro-Tec Ace Wake

    Capacete Pro-Tec Ace Wake

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Foil Safety and Protection

When engaging in surf foiling, safety and protection are vey important due to the increased risks associated with this activity compared to regular surfing.

Here are some of the best equipment items to consider for safety and protection:

Foil Helmet:

Purpose: Protects your head from impacts with the foil, board, or other hard surfaces.
Recommendation: Look for helmets specifically designed for water sports, such as:

Pro Tec Water lightweight, provide good ventilation, and are designed to handle impacts in water.

The innovative, light and easy to use SFoam Helmet by Manera.

Impact Vest:

Purpose: Offers protection for your upper body, particularly your ribs, back, and chest, and can provide additional buoyancy.

Recommendation: The Manera Line X10D, The Boom or The Vagabond are your best choices.

They offer a good balance of protection, buoyancy, and flexibility.


Purpose: Provides thermal protection and can help prevent minor cuts and scrapes.

Recommendation: A wetsuit suited to your local water temperature is essential. For warmer waters, a 2mm shorty wetsuit may suffice, while colder waters might require a 4/3mm full suit. Brands like Manera offer a range of high-quality wetsuits.

Foil Leash:

Purpose: Keeps you connected to your board to prevent losing it and to avoid it becoming a hazard to others.

Recommendation: Use a small foil leash to avoid dragging in the water and to keep it out of the way. The Foil Leash by Manera is a good option.

Foil Cover/Protector:

Purpose: Protects the sharp edges of the foil when not in use and can help prevent injuries when handling the board.

Recommendation: Manera offer custom-fit covers for their products. Ensure you get one that fits your specific foil model.


Purpose: Protects your skin from harmful UV rays, especially during long sessions.

Recommendation: Use a high SPF, water-resistant sunscreen.


Purpose: Prevents water from entering your ears, which can help avoid surfer’s ear (exostosis) and ear infections.

Recommendation: SurfEars or Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs are designed for water activities and are comfortable to wear.

By equipping yourself with these safety and protection gear, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with surf foiling and ensure a more enjoyable and safe experience on the water.

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