Triple 8

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  • Capacete Skate Triple 8 Pacific Beach
  • Capacete Skate Triple 8 Black Rainbow Sparkle
  • Capacete Skate Triple 8 White Rainbow Sparkle
  • Capacete Skate Triple 8 Sunset
  • Capacete Skate Triple 8 Teal Hologram
  • Capacete Skate Triple 8 Floral
  • Capacete Skate Triple 8 LIZZIE ARMANTO Signature Edition
  • TONY HAWK Signature Edition
  • Capacete Skate Triple 8 Carbon Rubber
  • Proteção Skate Triple 8 Camo
  • Proteção Skate Triple 8 Pacific
  • Proteção Skate Triple 8 Floral
  • Proteção Skate Triple 8 Shaved Ice
  • Proteção Skate Triple 8 Sunset
  • Proteção Skate Triple 8 Tye Dye
  • Proteção Skate Pulsos Triple 8
  • Proteção Skate Calções Triple 8

Triple 8

Triple 8 Proteções skate, patins em linha e BTT, capacetes, joelheiras, cotoveleiras proteção de pulsos.

Pratique skate em segurança com acessórios homologados de qualidade garantida. Packs e Kits para adulto e criança.

Triple 8 aims to bring you the highest quality protective gear, allowing you to push your performance limits while still being safe.


Did you ever ollie over a 6 ft pothole while swerving around an oncoming taxi? Did you ever bike through miles of snarling traffic, oblivious tourists and millions of testy commuters?

Knowing what this is about,  because Triple 8 was born on the streets of New York City,  we know what it’s like to ride them.

And we know what it takes if you want to conquer them, too.

Back in the year of 1996, when we literally hit the pavement with our first helmet, and have been developing tough, stylish protective gear for the action sports industry ever since.

Our riders team is continuously dreaming up of new products and incorporating new technology, as they ride.

They maintain our hard earned reputation for skate, bike, snow, water and derby gear of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Since we ride our products, we know what it takes to be on top of the security game.

You can be confident that no matter what spills you take, we’re here to help you get right back up.

You may feel safe to go ahead, push harder, go faster, fly higher.

And knowing that whatever you ride, how hard you push, Triple Eight has you completely protected from head to toe.

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