Miller Surfskates

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  • Surfskate MILLER Hangten 29.5"
  • Surfskate MILLER Mundaka 30"

    Surfskate MILLER Mundaka 30″

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  • Surfskate MILLER Big Wave 30.5″
  • Surfskate MILLER Sean Gunning 31" surf skate
  • Surfskate MILLER Soul Coral 31.5"
  • Surfskate MILLER Soul Jade 31.5"
  • Surfskate MILLER Kirra 31.5" surf skate

    Surfskate MILLER Kirra 31.5″

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  • Surfskate MILLER Pablo Solar 32.5"

Miller Surfskates

Since 2012, Miller Division have been evolving our skateboard range creating new families such as the Surfskates, Skate decks, etc.

At the same time, developing all our products year after year, in order to be more competitive, and to be able to offer our riders the best skateboards in the market. But there is something that has not changed since our beginnings. Our motto, which remains, YOU ARE MILLER

We are focused on improving the surf rides with just the essential pieces and the finest geometry. The extra height will avoid you the usually feared wheel-bites. So get ready for the most sick snaps, re-entries, unreal cut-backs, and a real surf feel.

Go find your concrete waves!

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