Miller Surfskates

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  • Surfskate MILLER Hangten 29.5"
  • Surfskate MILLER Mundaka 30"
  • Surfskate MILLER Big Wave 30.5″
  • Surfskate MILLER Sean Gunning 31" surf skate
  • Surfskate MILLER Soul Coral 31.5"
  • Surfskate MILLER Soul Jade 31.5"
  • Surfskate MILLER Kirra 31.5" surf skate
  • Surfskate MILLER Pablo Solar 32.5"

Miller Surfskates

Para quem deseja aprender ou aperfeiçoar a técnica do surfskate, fazemos aulas em parceria com a Concrete Surfers

A Miller surfskates é uma marca de surf skates que apresenta modelos atrativos de boa qualidade e baratos. Uma excelente opção para quem pretende dedicar-se ao surfskate de forma económica.

Since 2012, Miller Division have been evolving our skateboard range creating new families such as the Surfskates, Skate decks, etc.

At the same time, developing all our products year after year, in order to be more competitive, and to be able to offer our riders the best skateboards in the market. But there is something that has not changed since our beginnings. Our motto, which remains, YOU ARE MILLER

In Miller surfskates we are focused on improving the surf rides with just the essential pieces and the finest geometry.

Miller Division surfskates are a popular choice for riders of all levels, from beginners to experienced surfers. They are known for their high quality, affordable prices, and a wide range of models to choose from.

One of the key features of Miller Division surfskates is their unique XRKP (Xtreme Reverse King Pin) truck.

This truck system provides a more responsive and surf-like ride than traditional skateboard trucks.

It also makes it easier to pump and carve, even on flat ground.

Miller Division surfskates come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different riding styles.

For example, the Miller Hangten is a great all-around surfskate that is perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike.

The Miller Mundaka is a good choice for riders who want a more stable surfskate, while the Miller Big Wave is perfect for riders who want a surfskate that can handle big waves.

Miller Division surfskates are also known for their high-quality components.

They come with durable decks, high-quality bearings, and grippy wheels.

This makes them a great value for the money.

Here are some of the benefits of Miller Division surfskates:

High quality and affordable prices
Wide range of models to choose from
Unique XRKP truck system for a more responsive and surf-like ride
Easy to pump and carve, even on flat ground
Durable decks, high-quality bearings, and grippy wheels
If you are looking for a high-quality surfskate at an affordable price, Miller Division is a great option to consider.

The extra height will avoid you the usually feared wheel-bites. So get ready for the most sick snaps, re-entries, unreal cut-backs, and a real surf feel.

Go find your concrete waves!

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