Wing Foil

Wing Foil

Wing, Wing foil or Wingsurf, is the most innovative and fun watersport for which F One is developing the most complete and performant range of gear.

Basically you ride with a Wing, a Board and a foil, in almost every wind and wave conditions.
We developed a few guides to help you choose your equipment  according to your level and chosen program.

For the wings, our latest model is the Strike and you can check all the infos and characteristics in:

With a wide and comprehensive range of sizes, the Strike V2 will enable all wingfoilers to ride with high performance, confort and safety. Together with the light wind model Strike CWC this range allows every rider to take the best out of every conditions.

With a STRIKE V2 you’ll get the passion, smooth performances, power and control, lightness, strength, and durability.

Its dynamic stability in flight makes everything easier for every wingfoiler while standing on your foil. It provides remarkable forward traction over the entire range of use, allowing incredible performance. Whether you are a pro rider or a beginner, your potential with it is exceptional and your skills will develop. The STRIKE V2 is much more than a wing. It is everything you need to reach your riding flow.

The STRIKE V2 wing keeps the predecessor V1’s incomparable ultra-light weight that is pleasant in all phases of flight, specially on the surf, when you depower the wing and want it ti fly without any power.
Stability is improved by respecting the profile and the wing’s center of traction while in motion.
The traction is constant and homogeneous.

For the boards, we also developed a comprehensive guide, that you can check in:

Keep in mind the basics for the size of the board:


Choose your Foil Board

As a rule of thumb for wing foiling, your weight and level determine which volume is best for you. These guidelines can steer you in the right direction:

Beginner: Weight + 40L. For example, if you weight 70kg and want to learn the sport, then you may want to go for a ROCKET WING ASC 110L or ROCKET WING bamboo 105L. In general, beginners should look at boards with a volume of 100L and above.

Intermediate: Weight = Volume. Once you have a good handle on your wing and foil, the volume of your board can roughly match your weight. If you’re 60kg, then most of our ROCKET WING board range will fit your needs, depending on your program and what construction you choose. These boards will bring confidence and control, and will allow you to continuously improve.

Advanced: Weight – 15L on. As you improve, reducing the volume of your board gives you more maneuverability, responsiveness, and speed. The sky is the limit.

For the foils,  you can check in:

Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or questions.

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