Kitesurf Safety and Protection

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  • Colete Proteção Manera X10D
  • Colete Proteção Manera Boom

    Colete Impacto Manera Boom

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  • Pro-Tec Ace Water
  • Capacete S-Foam Manera

    Capacete S-Foam Manera

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    Capacete Pro-Tec Ace Wake

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  • Safety Leash Kitesurf F-One

    Safety Leash Kitesurf F-One

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Kitesurf Safety and Protection

In kitesurf, safety and protection are very important!

Don’t facilitate, trying to avoid extra costs, putting your safety at risk.

The following equipment is essential for ensuring a safe and enjoyable kitesurfing experience:

Kite and Control Bar:

Kite: Choose a kite appropriate for your skill level and wind conditions. Avoid buying very old and cheap kites, as they can break at any moment. Also, modern kites often come with better and updated safety systems.
Control Bar: Ensure it has a reliable quick-release system for emergency situations.

Kitesurf Harness:

Waist Harness: Offers good freedom of movement and is popular among freestyle and wave riders.
Seat Harness: Provides more back support and is often preferred by beginners and those who ride for extended periods.

Kitesurf Helmet:

Protects your head from impact with the water, board, or other obstacles.
Look for a helmet specifically designed for watersports with good drainage and a secure fit.

Impact Vest :

Impact Vest: Provides protection against impacts and can offer some flotation.


Keeps you warm and protects against sunburn, abrasions, and jellyfish stings.
Thickness depends on water temperature; 3/2mm for warmer waters, 5/4mm for colder conditions.

Kitesurf Leash:

Board Leash: Keeps your board attached to you. Use with caution as it can cause recoil injuries.
Kite Leash: Allows you to depower the kite completely in an emergency. Ensure it’s always attached properly.

Safety Knife:

A small, sharp knife for cutting lines in case of entanglement. Often integrated into the harness.

Buddy System:

Always kitesurf with a buddy or inform someone about your kitesurfing plans and expected return time.

By using the right safety and protection equipment, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with kitesurfing and focus on enjoying the sport.

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