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  • Capacete Skate Pro-Tec Classic Certified Gloss
  • Pro-Tec Ace Water
  • Capacete Pro-Tec Ace Wake

    Capacete Pro-Tec Ace Wake

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  • Pack Proteção Skate Pro-Tec
  • Pack Proteção Skate Protec
  • Pro-Tec Proteção Skate Pulsos
  • Pro-Tec Proteção Skate Joelhos
  • Pro-Tec Proteção Skate Cotovelos
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Pro-Tec Proteções Skate

A Pro-tec é a marca de referencia em proteções para desportos radicais como o Skate, Bmx, etc.

Protec was founded in 1973, and it is the original skateboard protective gear brand, featuring the market’s most recognizable style of helmets.

Pro-Tec designs are often imitated but never really duplicated;

No other action sports brand has 40-years of heritage producing the most stylish and technologically advanced protective gear.

Coming directly from the empty concrete pools in Southern California to the most  epic runs in the Colorado Rockies, Action Sports participants have always found a way to adapt and push their limits forward.

Pro-Tec provides the needed protection with new innovative designs.

You can be a backcountry powder-hound, a handrail destroyer, or an everyday resort cruiser just learning to shred.

Pro-Tec’s extensive line of helmets and safety gear delivers to any rider who wants the classic Pro-Tec look with outstanding proven protection.

Today Pro-Tec delivers one of the very best gear in modern protective equipment category with a broad range of impact technology for a variety of sports.

No matter your sport, no matter your style, we have a helmetthat works like if it was specifically designed for you.

Look through our complete full product line for details on what better matches your needs.

Meet our team riders in our website and  find unique content on our blog.

Educate yourself on how our brand is doing a lot more than just keeping you safe and confortable;

It’s helping you pushing your limits forward.

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