Prancha SUP Foilboard Sunova 2IN1

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Prancha SUP Foilboard Sunova 2IN1 is the perfect first SUP board to introduce you to the world of foiling.

Marca Sunova

Prancha SUP Foilboard Sunova 2IN1

Prancha SUP Foilboard Sunova 2IN1 is the perfect first SUP board to introduce you to the world of foiling.


At Sunova, we think everyone should be able to fly in a foil and thus we added another SUP board to our EcoTec range. Designed to get you up in the air as quickly and easily as possible this board is a great place to start your journey in the skies.

Coming standard with a 5 Fin FCS setup this board will also enable you to get out and SUP surf in a wide range of conditions, truly letting you make the most of every day.

SUP Foilboard Sunova 2IN1

OUTLINE – Clean Outline, Wide Nose, Diamond Tail
ROCKER – Neutral with Extra Nose
RAILS – Medium
BOX / FINS  – Foil Box (deep Tuttle) and Double US Box, Option 5 Fins FCS Standard
GOAL – SUP and Foiling
WAVEs – Small Waves
RIDER – Intermediate to Expert

The Team

Bert Burger, Martin Jandke and Klaus Christian Mueller have created one of the best teams in the industry of surfboard brands. Together they make better Products and create perfect Services in their own manufacturing facility in Thailand, The Board Factory Co., Ltd. for Sunova Surfboards.

As they say, Our goal is to work and accept only the highest standards, which is clearly visible in our appeareance.

The Board Factory Co., Ltd. is exactly what it’s name says. A factory that makes all kinds of boards, to surf, to SUP or to Foil. Perfect. We created it to set up one of, if not the best, board factories in the waves industry. Based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) or LEAN, the principles we use here come straight from the highly demanding market of automotive manufacturing.

We started The Board Factory Co., Ltd. to make our boards and to control the path of our products.
From the design phase, from the customer’s dream, thru Bert’s or our other designer’s heads into our systems thru the factory, to our partner shops and finally into the waves.
Nothing is left unchecked or unplanned. Everything is in our systems and in our hands…


Sunova Surfboards

Sunova Surfboards Mission To create the best products possible without compromise to achive. Over 30 years ago Brett Burger started shaping boards. During these years he made a lot of boards and learned many of the skills involved in the process. He invented a few cool techs, created one of the biggest board companies in the world, and surfe a lot. During his ride, it became pretty clear that when you are making and selling boards to lots of different people, with very different skills trying to ride the infinite waves in our planet different waves there had to be some kind of compromise.

At Sunova surfboards our compromise is the RIGHT BOARD, for the RIGHT WAVE, for the RIGHT SURFER.

This simple Compromise determines a lot of the things we do different at Sunova. And if this sounds to you all pretty nice and easy, we can assure  its a very hard, time consuming thing task to achieve. Basically this means what can you expect when you buy a SUNOVA product: THE RIGHT BOARD With us you will get the best possible board for the conditions you want to ride. THE RIGHT WAVE All waves are different and a board that is perfect for one thing it might be totally wrong for another one. But since our boards are made to last, we will keep in mind for this purchase already the next one. THE RIGHT CUSTOMER We deal with every customer personally, which looks almost crazy in this world, but its part of our promise. We will try to know you and the boards of our range, so that in most situations they will suit you.

At Sunova Surfboards our Priorities are:

To create your magic performance board. With the longest durability in the market. And with the lightest weight possible.
Marca Sunova

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