Fins Unibox Twintip

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Set of 4 fins with patented UNIBOX system that removes all constraints of the traditional fin profile design.

Available in two sizes, regular 50 mm and 35 mm

The 35 mm fins and their thin profiles offer speed and an improved glide for the freestylers looking for less drag.

Includes 4 x fins + 4 x boxes + screws

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Fins Unibox Twintip

Set of 4 fins with patented UNIBOX system that removes all constraints of the traditional twintip fin profile design.

The fin base goes through the board and is secured on top by a thin box. The main innovation of this system is that the box does not need to be integrated into the board; rather the board is sandwiched between the fin RESPONSE and its box. As a result, our 3mm board thickness and its flex are left untouched.

With the UNIBOX system and its asymmetric profile, you gain in gliding efficiency and can start planning earlier.

It improves the ride comfort as well thanks to the fins flex.

The fins RESPONSE are color coded on their base (red and green) to facilitate their assembly and respect the asymmetrical aspect. The matching color is also present inside the fin holes on the board. As a result, mounting the fins is really easy: red on red, green on green. The box part on top of the board can be mounted in either direction.

Fins Unibox Twintip

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