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Poncho Surf Manera

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The best accessory to change before and after a session, if you wish to wipe heat up in a minute!

Two models,

Winter Poncho with 550gsm high-quality Bamboo fabric only.

Summer Poncho a 30 percent lighter alternative, for summer or for traveling, with the same high quality bamboo fabric in 380gsm


Poncho Surf Manera

Poncho Surf Manera is the perfect accessory to change before and after riding, plus it will get you warm and dry in a minute.

A Poncho is a widely used product, but we’ve been looking for the warmer, softer, cleaner and greener product in the market .

Poncho Winter

We did not make any compromise during its conception and used 550gsm high-quality Bamboo fabric only.

Poncho Summer

We now offer a 30 percent lighter alternative for summer or for traveling, so we have designed the Summer Poncho with the same Bamboo fabric in 380gsm.



This version features a high collar that protects your  neck from the wind, a larger bottom cut to improve freedom of movement and a hood tightening system.

We chose Bamboo fabric for mainly two reasons:

Ultra soft feeling

Absorbs water three to four times better than a regular cotton
Dries twice as fast as other materials
Naturally bacteriostatic
Naturally hypo-allergenic

And a reduced impact on earth

Grows without fertilizers and pesticides
Bamboo farming needs four times less water than cotton
Absorbs 30% more CO2 than a tree, creates 30% more oxygen
Prevents deforestation: Can grow 1 meter per day
Prevents erosion because of its long roots

Poncho Surf Manera

Manera is a French family-business which develops Kiteboarding gear for demanding riders.

We believe that the product is the heart of a company, and as a result most of our efforts are spent on the research, development and testing of the collection.

Our passion is about Kiteboarding as much as it is about creating and innovating, we enjoy both the hours spent at the office and the ones spent on the water.


We offer high-quality products and become experts in innovation, creating high-performance and durable products.
Working hard everyday, so that no one has to get out of the water because it’s too cold or they don’t feel comfortable.


We are passionate people,  we surround ourselves with passionate people and
we do not cut out our partners by selling directly from our website.
In that way, we favour service, advice and we help grow local communities.


Our brand has been 100% owned and run by the same family since its inception.
We make our own strategic choices, and we share the same passion, generation after generation.

At Manera we use marketing to inspire, to gather and to encourage everyone to spend more time on the water.
Our products are made to brave the worst conditions, we want to see them used wisely.

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