Arnês Wing Foil Harness Manera

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The main goal for MANERA, was to produce a wing foil  harness that you don’t notice when wingfoiling, while at the same time provides wingfoilers the necessary support to go back upwind comfortably.

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Arnês Wing Foil Harness Manera

The main goal for MANERA, was to produce a wing foil  harness that you don’t notice when wingfoiling, while at the same time provides wingfoilers the necessary support to go back upwind comfortably.


With this goal in mind we have developed a light and adaptable wingfoil harness with a low profile.

All wingfoilers can see the harness as a “lift” upwind. That’s why at Manera we call it Lift!

Why Using a Wing Foil Harness?

A wing foil harness is a crucial piece of equipment for wing foilers, providing numerous benefits that enhance performance, comfort, and safety. Here are some of the key advantages of using a wing foil harness:

Improved Upwind Riding: A harness allows you to transfer the pulling force of the wing directly to your core and legs, making it easier to power upwind and maintain a stable position. This is particularly beneficial for beginners who are still developing their upwind technique.

Reduced Fatigue: Holding onto the wing for extended periods can lead to arm fatigue, especially when riding in stronger winds or for longer durations.

A harness distributes the load across your body, reducing strain on your arms and shoulders, allowing you to ride for longer periods without tiring.

Enhanced Control: The harness provides a secure connection to the wing, giving you more control over the board and foil.

This improved control translates to smoother transitions, better maneuverability, and a more stable riding experience.

Reduced Impact Forces: Wing foiling involves jumping and maneuvering, which can lead to impact forces on your body.

A harness helps to absorb some of these impact forces, reducing strain on your back, hips, and joints.

Increased Comfort: The harness provides a comfortable and supportive fit, reducing pressure points and preventing chafing.

This improved comfort allows you to focus on your riding without distractions from discomfort.

Safety Enhancement: A harness keeps you securely connected to the board, reducing the risk of falling off and potentially injuring yourself.

It also provides a convenient attachment point for a board leash, which is an essential safety feature for wing foiling.

In summary, a wing foil harness offers a range of advantages that enhance your overall wing foiling experience.

It improves performance, reduces fatigue, enhances control, reduces impact forces, increases comfort, and contributes to safety.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, using a harness is highly recommended to maximize your enjoyment and progression in wing foiling.

WingFoil Harness Manera Technologies

Freedom Feeling – The low profile, soft outline and light construction of the harness makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing when wingfoiling.

Adaptive Shell – Being significantly smaller and lighter than a standard kitesurf harness, the wing harness lays comfortably on your lower back.

Inside, it features an adaptive shell that provides the necessary support even in stronger winds, or overpowered sessions.

A soft neoprene outline provides a comfortable transition between the support shell and the wingfoiler, offering a smooth distribution of the loads across the back.

Sliding hook – The hook was designed to slide around the frontstrap, allowing you to move it left or right when you’re wingfoiling.

It is also very useful to slide it when laying on your board, to prevent discomfort or unwanted dings on your wing board.

Leash attachments – The wing harness features many strong attachments options for your wing and board leashes.

Kite knife pocket – Why provide a kite knife for winging? Simply because an easily accessible knife can be a life saver if you (or your friend) getstuck in kite lines or in a fishing net.

PRESENTATION:LIFT “lift”, noun: getting a free ride as a passenger.

Arnês Wing Foil Harness Manera



Manera Watermen

Distribuimos a marca Manera em Portugal.

We are Manera distributors for Portugal.

Pode adquirir todos os acessórios Manera através da loja online, ou no showroom de Lisboa, consoante disponibilidade no momento. Material que não esteja disponível poderá ser encomendado diretamente de França. You can buy all Manera gear and acessories in our online shop or in showroom Lisboa, according to availability at the moment. For unavailble itens we can order them directly from France. Manera Manera watermen is a french family business owned by Julien Salles, son of Raphael Salles from F-One. The Manera brand develops high quality gear and equipment for surf, foil, foil surf, wing foil and kitesurf. Our main target is satisfying the most demanding riders, looking for the best quality equipment and acessories. At Manera we believe that the product is the heart of a company, and  most of our efforts are spent on the research, development and testing of the collection. Our passion is about Kiteboarding and Foiling, as much as it is about creating and innovating better equipment. We enjoy both the hours spent at the office and the ones spent on the water.

Manera Core Principles

Quality is our speciality

Manera offers high-quality products.
  • A complete range of WETSUITS to all kinds riders and water temperatures.
  • All types of NEOPRENE ACCESSORIES like boots, gloves, caps , hoods and layers to protect you from the colder days.
  • Kitesurf HARNESSES to ensure confort and security while riding waves or doing freestyle.
  • IMPACT VESTS for protection whether you're kitesurfing, foil surfing, wingfoiling, suping or any other watersport.
  • All kinds of BOARDBAGS, daybags or travelbags, for kitesurf, wingsurf, surf or foiling.
  • High quality LEASHES to surfing, foilsurfing, wingsurfing or kitesurfing.
  • Complete WATERWEAR range with jackets and shirts for water use, ponchos and hats.
  • Technical fast drying BOARDSHORTS designed for confort and performance.
  • APPAREL to keep you warm and confortable out of the ocean.
At Manera we are experts in innovation, always trying to create high-performance and most durable products. We work hard, to surfers, kitesurfers, foilers and wingfoilers so that no one has to get out of the water because it’s too cold or they don’t feel comfortable.

Manera is only selled in specialized shops

Since we are passionate people, we try to surround ourselves with the most passionate people for watersports. Whether in surfing, kitesurfing, foiling or wingfoiling, we always look for shops runned by experts. Manera is selled at the most specialized surf shops, kite shops or foil shops, by people who can advise and provide a reliable service. We don´t sell directly from our website, we favour service, advice and we help grow local communities. To protect and maintain this friendly ecosystem, we have stayed true to the local shop model for our sales approach.

At Manera we´re a big family

Our brand has been 100% owned and run by the Salles family since its inception. We make our own strategic choices, and we share the same passion, generation after generation. Family isn’t only blood to us. It’s also all those people who have stuck with us since day one.

We want to see you in the water

For us the marketing tools are to inspire, to gather and to encourage everyone to spend more time on the water. Our products are made to brave the worst winter conditions, and we want to see them used wisely. Manera
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