Chave Foil Torx T30

 20.00 IVA incluído

Chave Foil Torx T30


Chave Foil Torx T30

Chave Foil Torx T30 F-One para foils .


Para todos os parafusos dos foils F One

Equipamento F One para Foil. Uma gama completa de pranchas e foils para SurfFoil, KiteFoil, SUPFoil e WindsurfFoil. Vem visitar o showroom em Lisboa e saber mais sobre este inovador desporto.

The ocean is our passion, and the hours we spent Kitefoiling, SUPfoiling and Surffoiling have led us to this brand new collection.
We have foils and boards which will fit all your foiling needs: freeride, cruising, speed, carving, freestyle!

All of our designs come from our own knowledge and experience, and result in a range that allow us to enjoy every kind of condition.
Everything is modular, the possibilities are endless and you won’t miss another session

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