Travelbag Prancha Wing Manera

 275.00 295.00 IVA incluído

Saco de transporte de viagem para Foil e prancha de Wingfoil.

Disponível nas dimensões:

5’0 / 5’5 / 6’0 – 160X65 / 170X75 / 180X85 X24CM – 7.2KG



Travelbag Prancha Wing Manera

Travelbag Prancha Wing Manera é um saco de transporte viagem para Foil e Prancha de Wingfoil.

Disponivel nas dimensões 5’0, 5’5 e 6’0

We’re always happy to get it back in the “oversized bags” area of the airport, knowing everything inside is safe. That is the reason why we built our bags to resist and protect your gear the best way possible.

The wingfoil equipment is distinct from kite or surf gear, and we felt the necessary to protect it differently.

Our FOIL boardbags are made to travel with total safety.

Equipped with 100% high density foam with a thickness of 10mm, they protect your gear even in harsh travel conditions.

A rigid divider separates your foils from your boards so they don’t damage each other. Finally, soft wheels allow for effortless transport on any surface.

Travelbag  Manera Characteristics:

Travelbag Prancha Wing Manera
Travelbag Prancha Wing Manera


HD Foam
We have used high density foam to provide the best protection possible. This foam is much more durable than the standard cell foam and will protect even from sharper objects.

We use heavy-duty 8mm YKK zippers to avoids any crack, corrosion, and allow a fluid run every time you open/close the bag.
Stiff layer
A rigid protective divider has been added in the middle of the bag to separate the foils from the boards.
We use high quality wheels that are durable, comfortable & not too noisy.



We offer high-quality products and we are experts in innovation, creating high-performance and durable products.
In Manera we work hard so that no one has to get out of the water because it’s too cold or they don’t feel comfortable.


We are passionate people, and we surround ourselves with passionate people.
We do not cut out our partners by selling directly from our website.
In that way, we favour service, advice and we help grow local communities.


Our brand has been 100% owned and run by the same family since its inception.
We make our own strategic choices, and we share the same passion, generation after generation.

Travelbag Prancha Wing Manera

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