Solarez Polyester All-Purpose

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The original Solarez Polyester All-Purpose 3.5 oz Tube is a mixture of high-strength, fiber reinforced polyester resin and an amazing solar-activated catalyst.


Solarez Polyester All-Purpose

The original Solarez Polyester All-Purpose is a mixture of high-strength, fiber reinforced polyester resin and an amazing solar-activated catalyst.


Fiberlass & Ceramic fiber reinforced
CLEAR, dry, UV-cure in 3 minutes
Weatherable, tough Polyester. Original 1987 formula
UV Stable
3.5 fl. oz.
Great value, goes a long way


our original 1987 packaging: SOLAREZ  SOLAREZ will remain liquid until direct sunlight hits it. This stuff is so strong it can be used to make structural repairs on just about anything. Just apply it in the shade, then let the sunshine hit it and Wahoo! You’re on your way with a high-strength repair job. Quickly Repairs: Fiberglass, Wood, Metal, & Plastics (except styrofoam)


The repair process with Solarez surfboard repair kits typically involves the following steps:

Prepare the Surface: Clean the damaged area of the surfboard, removing any dirt, wax, or debris. Ensure the area is dry and free from any loose material.

Apply Epoxy Resin: Apply the Solarez epoxy resin directly to the damaged area. The resin can be poured or applied using a spatula or brush, depending on the specific kit.

Shape and Reinforce: If necessary, use the fiberfil material to reinforce the repair area. This step helps provide added strength to the damaged section of the surfboard.

Expose to UV Light: Once the resin is applied and any necessary reinforcement is in place, expose the repair area to UV light. This can be done using a UV flashlight or by placing the board under direct sunlight. The UV light triggers the curing process, causing the epoxy resin to harden.

Sand and Finish: After the resin has fully cured, sand down the repaired area to achieve a smooth surface. Use the included sanding pad or sandpaper to blend the repair seamlessly with the rest of the surfboard.

It’s important to note that the specific instructions may vary depending on the Solarez kit you purchase, so always refer to the instructions provided with the product.

Overall, Solarez surfboard repair kits are popular among surfers due to their ease of use and ability to quickly repair minor to moderate damage. They offer a convenient solution for fixing surfboards and allowing riders to get back in the water as soon as possible.

Solarez Polyester All-Purpose

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