Manera Rain Jacket Black

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Casaco impermeável quente, para tempo frio e chuva, para homem ou mulher.

Pode ser utilizado para o Kitesurf, Stand Up paddle, SUP e Foil, ou em utilização normal em qualquer outro desporto como impermeável ou corta vento.

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Manera Rain Jacket Black

In Manera we design products to make the most of any weather conditions, and this means we also need gear to check the spot under any condition.

That’s how the RAIN JACKET is born.

The Manera Rain Jacket Black is water & windproof,  protects you from the worst storms, and make sure you go from your car to your wetsuit in the most comfortable way.

These essentials are weapons against the elements. They are designed to make you ride longer & in more comfort whether it’s to fight the cold, the wind or the UV rays.

You can ride without but you’ll always feel better with them!


-Waterproof & windproof-
Built in a PVC fabric, the RAIN JACKET is 100% waterproof and windproof. It is stitched in a way that prevents the water from going through for a perfect impermeability.

Its flexible lining brings flexibility to the fabric and provides great comfort.

-YKK 8mm Plastic zipper-
It is useless to design a great jacket if the zipper breaks, gets stuck or corrodes. We only use robust 8mm YKK zippers made of nylon (anti-corrosion).

-Double flaps pockets-
The pockets are built with a double flap in order to stay watertight, even if it rains horizontally or if the water streams down the jacket.

-Neoprene sleeves-
In order to prevent any water or air leaks and to maintain the body temperature, we have secured the sleeves with a neoprene cuff.

Manera Rain Jacket Black

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