F-One HM Carbon Mast 14

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Available in 80cm,85cm, 95cm and 105cm, new F-One Carbon Mast 14mm is ready for all disciplines — surf foil, wing foil and kite foil.

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F-One HM Carbon mast 14

The new F-One HM Carbon mast 14 is a true masterpiece of composite craftmanship and design, that will transform your foiling experience.


The F One new HM Carbon Mast 14 mm features both an integrated Mast Top plate and TITAN mast foot at the bottom.

Just slice through the water and enjoy the purest glide of the F-One HM Carbon mast with its ultra-thinprofile, full Monobloc structure and High Modulus Carbon construction.

Main characteristics of the F-One HM Carbon mast are:

•Ultra-thin 14mm profile

•Full Monobloc construction

•High Modulus Carbon layup


•Increased rigidity

Associated with the profile, this full Monobloc construction brings incredible rigidity and helps reduce drag to a minimum.

This means easier starts, immense glide, higher speeds and the utmost connection between the foil and the board.

The mast is in one piece and built in carbon pre-preg, all molded and cured in one shot.

F-One SPINE internal structure ensures the best rigidity and control while foil riding.

The added High Modulus Carbon (M40J) fiber layup follows F-ONE’s special formula to optimize both the bending and torsional stiffness.

This will allow you to stay in full control and at the sam time, comfortable in all situations and at high speeds.

The layers of carbon fibers have been carefully distributed at 0° lengthwise to optimize stiffness in bending and at about 45° to optimize stiffness in torsion.

Finally, this layup has been finely tuned and optimized for each mast length to offer the best performance in each sport.

Available in 80cm,85cm, 95cm and 105cm, new Carbon Mast is ready for all disciplines — surf foil, wing foil and kite foil.


F One new HM Carbon Mast 14 mm will particularly excel in downwind and anywhere where glide is your top priority.

The 80cm is F-One newest size and was developed specifically for surf foiling, offering better pumping abilities and reducing undesirable breaching of the wingtips on the waves.

This mast can be connected to virtually all boards on the market featuring the Twin-Tracks system and can receive all the wings and fuselage that feature the TITAN connection slot.

The F-ONE HM Carbon Mast 14 is a superior piece of gear and raises the bar in terms of performance and control, delivering superior and flawless behavior on the water.



Somos Distribuidores exclusivos para Portugal da Marca F-One e Manera.

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