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The ROCKET WING was our first board dedicated to wing foiling, and is ideal for anybody wanting to get into it.

They are the boards with the most area for a given length, thus providing a better balance when you’re on the water. The carbon construction of the new ROCKET WING CARBON makes it a great freestyle board

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Rocket Surf

The ROCKET SURF has a compact design that will guarantee that you can ride, take-off, pump or carve with maximum control. Its shape has been optimized and construction reinforced for even better precision and control.

Foils Pranchas Boards

Rocket Sup Downwind


Our ROCKET SUP DOWNWIND is a fantastic board to surf and is also the best board to downwind. Its shape is the perfect combination of the qualities of our previous SUP foil boards, all while maintaining the right balance between maximum volume and speed. It is an impressive board that will let you fly endlessly.

Foils Pranchas Boards

Wing & Surf Foil boards Construction & Technologies

Our wing and surf foil boards are available in three constructions: the Full Bamboo, HD Foam Carbon Composite, and the ASC.

Foils Pranchas Boards

The Full Bamboo construction uses natural properties of bamboo veneers placed between fiberglass layers to create a strong, durable, light shell for the entire board. Some boards are also equipped with an extra layer of bamboo (Double Bamboo Deck) in the stance area to make the deck even more resistant to local heel pressures and dings.

Wing foil boards constructed with the HD Foam Carbon Composite are fantastic for freestyle

Finally, the Air Shield Composite (ASC) boards are constructed around a lightweight injected EPS core molded to our original shape. It is laminated with a composite made of high-strength glass fiber, epoxy resin and a shield made of a high-quality protective top sheet layer. The ASC boards are responsive and extremely durable.


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