Prancha F-One Insuflável Wing Foil Rocket Air

 699.00 939.00 IVA incluído

The Rocket Air range is a line of inflatable board dedicated to foiling sports: Surf-foil, SUP-foil, Wing-foil, Wind-foil and even Kite-foil.

Easy to store and carry
Balanced and light for flying
Superior and extra stiff Dropstitch material


Prancha F-One Insuflável Wing Foil Rocket Air

A gama de Pranchas F-One Foil Insuflável Rocket Air é indicada para todos os desportos praticados com foil.

As principais vantagens destas pranchas são:

Fáceis de guardar e transportar quando desinsufladas.
Leves e ao mesmo tempo rígidas, graças á tecnologia Dropstitch
Seguras para aprender
Indicadas para usar em barcos

Gama Pranchas F-One Foil Insufláveis Rocket Air

Rocket Air range starts at 4’10 (75l.) and goes all the way to 7’11 (185l.)

This line includes boards for all sports and all types of riders. They are developed considering the same sizes & outlines as the rigid boards, and they offer great stability with the extra volume brought by the inflatable technology.

The positioning of the foil is also identical to the rigid boards to provide the same perfect balance for take-off and in flight.

Sizes 4’10 and 5’4 can be used for surfing, kiting, wing surfing and are also ideal to have fun doing some wake foil.
The following 5’4, 5’10 and 6’6 are ideal sizes for Wing foiling, offering a variety of volumes to suit every one.
Size 7’2 is specially dedicated to start wingfoiling, it is the ideal size for begginers.
The 7’6 and 7’11 are the real Swiss Knife boards, ready for all sorts of fun: SUP foil, Wing foil, Windfoil, Wing surf. They can also be used to play or paddle without
the foil.

The models 7’2, 7’6 and 7’11 include 2x US tracks where additional fins can be plugged.
This configuration is the best platform to learn how to handle the wing, before learning how to foil later on.

The Rocket Air boards are built using higher grade dropstitch with a fused, twin layer shell and a specific dropstitch pattern bringing extra stiffness which is essential to control the board properly when foiling. The weight of the board is incredibly light which makes them easy to handle and a lot of fun, even for advanced riders.

Finally, the Rocket Air boards can all be stored in a small bag to be easily brought on for your next adventure.

Prancha F-One Insuflável Wing Foil

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