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Barra Linx Bar 52/45


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Barra com pouco uso, praticamente nova.

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Barra Linx Bar 52/45 2020

The LINX Bar is our control system.

Available in three sizes: 52/45 and 45/38 cm for the 4 lines bar, and 42/35 cm for the 5 lines bar dedicated to freestyle. It allows you to choose the perfect bar for your quiver. The integrated floats house the mechanism to adjust the size of your bar.

Available in three sizes
Adjustable bar length
One line flag out system
Manual swivel to untwist your front lines
Kite steering more precise and more durability thanks to the lines
3 leash sizes available: 40 cm, 75 cm, 140 cm

Through the years, we have improved it and added some great features to create the best connection to your kite.

The lines are stiff, which makes kite steering more precise. Moreover, elongation through time is reduced which allows riding with a kite always perfectly tuned. In addition, as the lines are stiffer it makes them easier to untangle whilst setting up the kite.

The Hub is made of aluminum and the F-ONE cleat is hollowed, which allows to have lighter parts for an even more performing bar.

The 2020 LINX Bar features new colors harmonized with the rest of the range (boards and kites).

Barra Linx Bar 52/45

R&D is at the very core of everything we do at F-ONE,
since the very beginning we have always strived to have the best products on the market.
In order to achieve that goal, we have to continually innovate and build equipment that meets up to our exceedingly high standards.
We are all riders, and we all want to be using the best gear.

Everything we create is developed in-house, from the very first ideas to the designs and prototypes right up to the finished product in your hands.
We have an incredible team of designers and testers who help us achieve what we do.
F-ONE not only innovates; we are also always patenting our ideas to protect our intellectual property and to ensure other brands can’t copy the direction we are headed.

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