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Wing F-One STRIKE 5.5m V3

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Wing F-One STRIKE 5.5m V3 em boas condições, excelente oportunidade!
F-One Wing STRIKE 5.5m V3 in very good shape, great deal.



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Wing F-One STRIKE 5.5m V3

Wing F-One STRIKE 5.5m V3 em boas condições, excelente oportunidade!

F-One Wing STRIKE 5.5m V3 in very good shape, great deal.


Conceived with the latest technologies and featuring a revolutionary design, the Wing F-One Strike V3 a high performance wing.

This state-of-the-art wing that can do it all, whether it’s freeride, freestyle, surfing or freefly, 

The STRIKE V3 delivers unparalleled performance while guaranteeing comfort, stability,
power, precision, durability, and the ability to go upwind quickly and efficiently in any kind of winds.

Main Characterisitics are:

Revolutionary design for maximum performance.
New HITEX and TECHNOFORCE to increase durability.
A perfect control of the profile and deformations will guarantee comfort throughout the entire
wind range.
Impressive power delivery and planing.
Improved upwind performances.
Legendary lightness and stability in freefly.
Perfectly balanced center of traction for an intuitive ride.

For this third edition of our iconic Wing STRIKE V3, F-One R&D team has worked essentially on three areas: the design, the materials used, and the placement of these materials.


Strike Wing Design

The Sail Engineering concept, helped F One to conceive a completely new wing design, based on our experience.

All components of the Strike v3 have been precisely tuned to adapt the wing’s shape to the tensions and new materials.

Every panel was precisely laid to carry a specific load.

The front parte of the wing combines horizontal panels separated by a vertical seam from the innovative radial center panels, which are placed to accurately follow every load trajectory.

The trailing edge is controlled by a vertical panel in 66g.

Small radial cuts are also implemented on the wingtips and on the back of the strut, to allow spreading the  tensions.

Aligning the fibre exactly along the load paths means that stretch can be controlled to a never-before-seen level on a wing.

Thanks to this precise load management, the wind range of the STRIKE V3 is extended at both the high
and low end, and the range of winds where the wing feels perfect is even greater than in the Strike V2.


With our staggered seams, the fabric and its seams work better to keep a smooth and efficient profile
and the flying shape of the wing never deforms under load.

The control of the profile is ideal, especially in the high end where stability is superb to ride fully balanced on both arms and in total comfort.

The new trailing edge tensions and radial cuts have brought incredible performance and control.

Located on the back of the strut, our innovative Load Diffuser made of overlapping panels of hard Mylar and Dacron further helps maintaining the profile sleek and efficient, leading to the best stability, performances, and longevity.

Every reinforcement on the Strike V3 has been reviewed to ensure durability and to save weight.

With the Wing delivering stability beyond compare, we could have a flatter dihedral angle and
thus reach a bigger projected area.

In turn, the power and pumping abilities are even more improved for planing starts.

The Strike V3 allows wingfoil riders to use a smaller wing or board than before.

A new and slightly more compact outline with less span makes the STRIKE V3 easier to pump and ride.

The center of traction has been perfectly placed right in front of the rider to guarantee a perfect balance on both arms.

Finally, all profiles have been revised to accommodate all new design parameters.

F-one R&D  were able to slightly reduce the V3’s profile thickness to bring even more comfort and control, specially in strong winds.

The high end potential of the wing STRIKE V3 is impressive, with an effective forward traction that won’t let you overexert yourself even when overpowered.

Strike V3 materials

The inflatable structure of the STRIKE V3 is now made of HITEX 158g and 178g.

This brand-new high tenacity polyester it is exclusive to F-ONE and offers the best resistance to elongation, that will offer greater performances and durability.

Thanks to the HITEX 158g the central strut is thinner in diameter  and has an independent valve that allows
for a better control of its pressure.

We also added longitudinal reinforcements that will help to command its shape and resistance.

The four central segments of the leading edge on each side of the strut are made of HITEX 178g,
while the four outer segments nearer the wingtips are in 158g.

Both materials are perfectly distributed to allow different tensions, high pressures, and weight distribution in this area.

In addition to the new HITEX materials, we have used a thicker TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 66g for the
trailing edge, the area where tensions are more important and resistance essential.

The rest of the wing’s canopy is in TECHNOFORCE™/D2 in 52g.

New Strike Handles

To further improve and optimize the wingfoil rider’s control of the wing, we have rigidified our handles.

We choose to keep our original, lighter construction handles,that doesn’t include any hard parts that could damage your wing, ding your board, or hit yourself.

Our grippy, ergonomic and comfortable handles allow for some flexibility so your wrist is always in line with your arm.
This also gave us the opportunity to design the strut just as we liked.

The front of it goes down straight away on your front hand before going up into the wing’s profile near your back hand.

This leads to a more natural position to sheet in.

Wing Performance and Control

Thanks to its new design and precise fabrics placement, the STRIKE V3 is a masterpiece of aerodynamism.

The perfect control of the profile and deformations guarantees unforgettable sessions.

We deeply committed to ensure the STRIKE V3 continues offer light weight and unique freefly stability so you can go for long surfs or downwinds without worrying about your wing and remain focused on your trajectory and foil. Surfing is in Strikes DNA, a truly wingsurf wing.

When on the water, the upwind abilities are impressive with an incredibly consistent traction.

This wing’s upwind performance is overall greatly enhanced throughout the wind range.

If you like to glide and go fast in total control and comfort, the STRIKE V3 will bring you the best performance and total control and stability.

For freestyle and jumping, the height and lift will surprise you and all landings will be easier.

Virtually a brand-new wing, the Strike V3 is an improvement of the Strike V2 in all areas and pushes the performance of a wing into new territories.

While it will surely satisfy wingfoil riders of the highest level, the STRIKE is also incredibly accessible to anyone wanting to discover wing foiling.

The STRIKE V3 has it all and is yet again ahead of the game. Be the first to pick the third.

Available in: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5 m²





A TripleOne é o Distribuidor exclusivo para Portugal das Marcas F-One e Manera.

F One equipamento completo para Kitesurf, Foil e Wing Foil F One Kitesurf - Kites, barras, pranchas twin tip, pranchas surf. Acessórios Manera - Arneses, coletes de impacto, capas para pranchas e sacos de viagem, travelbags. F One Foil - Surf foil - Foils e pranchas. - Sup Foil - Foils, pranchas e remos, pagaias. - Kite Foil - Foils kite, pranchas Acessórios Manera - Arneses, coletes de impacto, capas para pranchas e sacos de viagem, travelbags. F-One Wingfoil - Foils, pranchas e asas wings. Acessórios Manera - Arneses, coletes de impacto, capas para pranchas e sacos de viagem, travelbags. Consulta todo o material que temos disponivel na nossa loja online, ou visita o showroom em Lisboa, através de marcação, por mensagem ou telefone.


F One is a French kitesurfing brand founded in 1994 by Raphael Salles. Salles was a pioneer in the sport of kitesurfing, and he was one of the first people to develop and market kitesurfing equipment.

F-One quickly became one of the leading kitesurfing brands in the world, and its products are used by some of the best kitesurfers in the world.

F-One is known for its innovative designs and high-quality products. The company has been at the forefront of kitesurfing technology, and it has developed many of the features that are now standard on kitesurfing equipment. For example, F-One was the first company to develop a delta-shaped kite, which is now the most common type of kitesurfing kite. In addition to its kites, F-One also produces a wide range of other kitesurfing equipment, including boards, bars, and harnesses. The company also offers a variety of accessories, such as wetsuits and fins. F One is a truly global brand, with distributors in over 50 countries. The company is committed to supporting the kitesurfing community, and it sponsors a number of professional kitesurfers and events. F-One is a leading force in the kitesurfing industry, and it continues to innovate and push the boundaries of the sport. The company is committed to providing its customers with the best possible products and services, and it is dedicated to supporting the kitesurfing community.
F-One logo
F-One has been a major influence in the development of kitesurfing foils. The company was one of the first to develop and market kitesurfing foils, and its products have been used by some of the best kitesurfers in the world. F-One's first kitesurfing foil was released in 2008. The foil was designed by Raphael Salles, the founder of F-One. The foil was a major breakthrough, and it helped to popularize the sport of kitesurfing foiling. F-One has continued to innovate in the field of kitesurfing foiling. The company has released a number of new foils, each with its own unique features. F-One's foils are known for their high quality and performance. F-One's influence on kitesurfing foiling is undeniable. The company has helped to make kitesurfing foiling a popular and accessible sport. F-One's foils are used by some of the best kitesurfers in the world, and they are a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and quality. Here are some of the ways in which F-One has influenced the development of kitesurfing foils: They were one of the first companies to develop and market kitesurfing foils. Their foils are known for their high quality and performance. They have sponsored a number of professional kitesurfers and events, which has helped to raise awareness of kitesurfing foiling. They have continued to innovate in the field of kitesurfing foiling, releasing a number of new foils with unique features.

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