Surfskate SMOOTHSTAR Holy Toledo THD 31.5″

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The Surfskate SMOOTHSTAR Holy Toledo THD 31.5″ is suited to teenage to adult surfers 5”4’ – 5”10’ (162cm – 177cm) in height.

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Surfskate SMOOTHSTAR Holy Toledo THD 31.5″

The Surfskate SMOOTHSTAR Holy Toledo THD 31.5″ is suited to teenage to adult surfers 5”4’ – 5”10’ (162cm – 177cm) in height.


The Surfskate SMOOTHSTAR 31.5” Holy Toledo is the an updated version of Filipe Toledo’s first SmoothStar model when he was 17 years of age.

This surf skate has a shallow concave and it is suited to all surfers skaters who wish to pump and generate speed on flat sections.

The 31.5” Toledo is also considered the step up board from the Smoothstar 30” Flying Fish, as both share the same concave profile, but the Holy Toledo has more width, length, and wheelbase.

Holy Toledo 31.5″ Tech Specifications

Weight – 3.4 kg

Deck – 31″ Teal

Deck Tail Width – 21.5cm

Bearings – ABEC 7

Trucks – White Powder Coat Aluminium

Thruster Type – SmoothStar Thruster D

The SMOOTHSTAR 31.5” Holy Toledo name “Holy Toledo”, was inspired by Filipe’s nickname when he was 16 years of age – and it derives of his radical and progressive surfing style. ,

Toledo always loved the looseness of the 32” Smoothstar Flying Fish on the original Thruster.

Since he quickly begar needing a bit more drive, we created a specific design extending all the measurements.

Felipe tested a few different setups of width, and wheels base distances, and finally settle on this new version.

The new Smoothstar Holy Toledo with Thruster D is 31.5″ instead of 33″ but the wheelbase is the same.

With the new Smoothstar truck Thruster D, we’ve made the board lighter and even more longer lasting.


The 31.5” Holy Toledo with Thruster D gives surfers and skaters an all round performance.


It’s one of the best Smoothstar models generating speed on flats.

The outline is similar to the previous model but the colour change is different.

Its more modern and fresh and we took out Filipe’s surf stoked bloodshot eye. The colour scheme is suited much more to the powder coated white trucks.



Smoothstar Surfskates

Smoothstar Surfskates Story of SmoothStar Surf skates For more than 14 years SmoothStar has been known to Australian Surfers as one of the best surf training products, outside the water. However, unless you have tried a surfskate SmoothStar, it is very hard to understand why it feels so similar to surfing. Trucks from SmoothStar replicates the surf feel because the front truck has a special turning device called the SmoothStar Thruster. This Thruster makes the front of the board loose so the board can turn and drive off the back trucks – the same as you would with surfboard rails and fins… you get the feel is “rail-to-rail” surfing on land. SmoothStar surfskate  Thruster invention is protected by patents. The turns are not sharp, floppy or stiff – they are “Smooth” but as radical as you want them to be and that is why we call it “SmoothStar”. About the SmoothStar Thruster Our Thruster is specifically positioned between the front trucks and the deck of the skateboard. The Thruster has a spring within the aluminium casing that provides resistance and reaction to the riders turning movement and wave. This spring enables the board to turn way beyond the ability of a normal skateboard. The combination of the springs tension and inside steel bearings enable for smooth transitions from rail to rail. This enables the rider to compress and push off each turn to generate speed and surf flow. Once the rider is pushing off from rail-to-rail, this creates a “self-propelling” motion, removing the need to push off the ground with the foot.

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