SUP Papenoo 2020

 1,449.00 1,499.00 IVA incluído

Program : Compact Surf

Waves: Small to medium waves

Compact outline to pivot
Reactive in the turns
Excellent maneuverability
Foil ready

The PAPENOO range offers stability and maneuverability with the performance of a smaller board.

These boards integrate 4 M6 inserts on the hull to connect a foil with a top plate, so they are all “foil ready” without it increasing the weight too much or disrupts the ride.



SUP Papenoo 2020

SHAPE Papenoo Pro Carbon

With a straight outline and its large tail, the PAPENOO accelerates very quickly in the small to medium waves. It generates so much speed that pass the soft sections quickly and then reengages to hit the shoulder of the wave as soon as it is redrawn.

Rocker outline is tailored for this shape which resulted in straighter lines to get the speed while maneuverability is provided by the reduced length.

The PAPENOO shape evolves in 2020 with the addition of a winger in the outline.

The rails of the board are fairly parallel in the central part offering a better planning / lift ratio and a better directional stability whilst paddling.

PAPENOO is extremely maneuverable thanks to its narrower rear which drags less water.

The new PAPENOO for 2020 reacts super quickly, goes faster, the bottom turns are easier with a better projection up the wave and the top turns are also easier with a tail that reduces drag.


The PRO CARBON construction is built from layers of glass, bamboo and some bi-axial carbon fabrics.

Bottom features an HD foam sandwich with glass layers and some bi-axial carbon fabrics.

Brushed carbon finish ensures the weight remains minimal.

This construction brings an impressive resistance combined with absolute light weight.

These boards feature an amazing strength to weight ratio and remain amongst the highest performing and lightest boards on the market.

BAMBOO Sandwich technology

Our SUP boards benefit from the BAMBOO SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY construction.

Every layer of bamboo is sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass or between a layer of carbon.

This allows the sandwich technology to emphasize the characteristics of the bamboo. The final result is a light structure that is super strong and extremely reliable.


On the deck, the board is built using a full layer of carbon fiber over which is laid the bamboo sheet.

Then a final layer of fiberglass is laminated on top, which ensures extreme durability and an amazing light weight.

SUP Papenoo Pro Carbon 2020

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