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Promo Fatos Neoprene Wetsuits Manera

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De 2023-01-01 até 2023-12-31 ou até acabar stock

Promo Fatos Neoprene Wetsuits Manera – Fatos para Kitesurf, Surf, Wing Foil e SUP. Promoção com preços baratos novos e usados.

Disponíveis Online e no Showroom Lisboa



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Promo Fatos Neoprene Wetsuits Manera

Promo Fatos Neoprene Wetsuits Manera – Fatos para Kitesurf, Surf, Wing Foil e SUP. Promoção com preços baratos novos e usados.

Disponiveis Online e no Showroom Lisboa

Seafarer Manera Wetsuits – Fatos Neoprene para Kitesurf, Surf, Wing Foil e SUP


Fatos Neoprene –  If you are looking for  high-performance wetsuits at an affordable price, the Manera Seafarer will be your best option.

The SEAFARER brings us back to the essentials of what makes a good wetsuit, nothing more, nothing less: warmth, comfort, durability. It’s a no-bullshit wetsuit with Manera’s renowned fit and construction.

If you’re looking for the most lightness wetsuits that allow you the most freedom of movement, best choice will be the Manera X10D

The Meteor X10D is made for the pure performance. The inside X10D makes you feel stretch and light, with an extra good feeling on the skin. It is a suit very adapted to waveriding, freestyle or wing foiling because of its huge ability to follow the rider’s movements without any restriction. If you’re looking for lightness and flexibility, this is the wetsuit you need.

The Top of the Manera Range option for really cold winter days will be the Magma.

The Magma+ is one of the best material out there. Not only does its fleece work as an effective insulator and heat generator, but it is also manufactured to be extremely flexible to keep even the thickest suit very stretchy. In addition, it dries 30% faster than a classic fleece. You’ll never have to put on a wet wetsuit again.
It is the wetsuit of your choice if you don’t want to stay home during winter.

At Manera we always aim  to produce durable, high-performance, timeless products. We think this is the best way for us to be more environmentally friendly, but also to conduct business and to be proud of our work.

Our products last over time; they do not go out of fashion after six months. We have very few after-sales service requests (less than 0.3% on our harnesses for example). We do not overproduce to then sell everything at knock-down prices, and we only sell to specialized shops. Therefore, the basis of our business is sound.

Promo Fatos Neoprene Wetsuits Manera



Manera Watermen

Distribuidores da marca Manera em Portugal

Pode adquirir todos os acessórios Manera através da loja online, ou no showroom de Lisboa, consoante disponibilidade no momento. Material que não esteja disponível poderá ser encomendado diretamente de França. You can buy all manera gear in our online shop or in showroom Lisboa, according to availability ay the moment. For unanvailble itens we can order them directly from France. MANERA Manera watermenis a french family business which develop high quality foil and kitesurf gearfor demanding riders. We believe that the product is the heart of a company, and as a result most of our efforts are spent on the research, development and testing of the collection. Our passion is about Kiteboarding as much as it is about creating and innovating, we enjoy both the hours spent at the office and the ones spent on the water.


QUALITY IS OUR SPECIALITY We offer high-quality products. At Manera we are experts in innovation, creating high-performance and durable products. Working hard so that no one has to get out of the water because it’s too cold or they don’t feel comfortable. WE ONLY SELL TO SPECIALIZED SHOPS Since we are passionate people, we surround ourselves with passionate people. We do not cut out our partners by selling directly from our website. In that way, we favour service, advice and we help grow local communities. WE ARE A FAMILY BUSINESS Our brand has been 100% owned and run by the same family since its inception. We make our own strategic choices, and we share the same passion, generation after generation. WE WANT TO SEE YOU AT THE SPOTS For us the marketingtools are to inspire, to gather and to encourage everyone to spend more time on the water. Our products are made to brave the worst conditions, we want to see them used wisely. Manera
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