Prancha WingFoil ROCKET S

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The ROCKET WING-S are available in seven different sizes to suit everybody’s skill levels, with an ample choice of volumes: 20L, 24L, 32L, 36L, 42L, 48L and 54L.





Prancha WingFoil ROCKET S

The ultimate board ROCKET S, comes in 7 sizes, to provide you with an ample choice of volumes: 20L, 24L, 32L, 36L, 42L, 48L and 54L.


With the growing of wind foil in the surf, our R&D team continues to push the envelope to offer the finest wing foiling gear and experience possible.

Inspired by the shape of the ROCKET SURF, and mixing it with the ROCKET WING, we created the next best board that would be even more maneuverable and reactive while surfing, as well as in freeride and pumping with a wing.

Always aiming to produce the best products in the market, the F-ONE team unveils the ROCKET WING-S, its newest, most impressive, and superior wing foil board to date.

For all who have already experienced the thrills of this new sport, and want to continue improving your skills, these boards will evidently take you to the next level.

The Wingfoil board ROCKET WING-S will lead to unmatched sensations, gaining more speed, more reactivity and total maneuverability, with unmatched characteristics:


– Deep concave deck to lower center of gravity for excellent board control
– Domed front deck to add volume for easy water starts
– Compact outline on tail and nose for fantastic maneuverability

Although they have similar compact lengths as their ROCKET WING counterpart, these boards are narrower and with a little less volume.

They feature a deep concave cockpit-like deck that lowers your center of gravity and brings you closer to the foil, leading to excellent control of the board in-flight.

Thanks to the double concave hull, take-offs have never been so smooth.

Combined with the beveled rail profile extending to the tail, it facilitates pumping to be up and flying in no time.

A slightly domed nose also brings more volume for easy starts.

The surf-type nose shape will help you get back up quickly if the board dives in.

The compact shape and outline of the board increase its overall maneuverability and performances.

Finally, the Full Bamboo construction and Double Bamboo deck create a highly resistant and light shell all-around.

The ROCKET WING-S are perfect for intermediate and experienced riders who want to enjoy surf-like feelings in wing foiling and who seek to continuously push themselves on the water.


These boards are available in seven different sizes to suit everybody’s skill levels, goals, and builds.

The 3’6 and 3’10 are geared towards the young Next Generation of wing foilers, while the 5’0 will be an ideal match for skillful riders of a bigger stature.

All boards are equipped with a full pad, inserts for three footstraps, and the Twin-Tracks system for foil compatibility.

Prancha WingFoil ROCKET S

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