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Prancha Kitesurf Shadow 5’6


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Prancha Kitesurf Shadow 5’6

The brand-new Kitesurf SHADOW 5’6 is a surf kite board

Designed to enjoy all sizes waves with an outstanding fluidity and an excellent maneuverability.

100% surfing shape
Very versatile for all kinds of waves
Incredibly balanced and intuitive
Real Carving Machine

Stable and easy to handle, the SHADOW is designed to surf any kinds of waves and conditions.

It benefits from a very well balanced and really intuitive shape. This board is able to carve short turns as well as long and fast curves effortlessly.

Surfing becomes such a pleasure when you can focus on the waves and not on how to get your board moving.

The bottoms are as easy as they are incisive and the momentum towards the top turn has never been so good.

The SHADOW enhances riders’ surfing skills.

Unlike a Mitu, it is not made to jump or land freestyle tricks. However, thanks to its light weight and reduced volume, it is fast and precise on the wave.

The width, the volume and the outline of the tail differ between the 5’4 and the 5’6 to suit the different riders and conditions.

The SHADOW will let you charge like never before and will allow powerful vertical turns. Take your surfing skills to the next level.


The introduction of this construction has marked a major change into the F-ONE surfboard range and especially on our three key products.

To face the ever higher constrains applied by the riders on their surfkites F-ONE has engineered a new foam composite construction with optimized flex for maximum reliability, comfort and maneuverability. The mechanical characteristics achieved by this construction provide a lighter weight and a perfect surfboard feel


The deck has been recessed by 5 mm on a wide area underneath the front foot in order to add an EVA shock absorbing foam layer.

This foam layer absorbs effectively all impacts for the riders and makes the board even more durable.

Prancha Kitesurf Shadow 5’6

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