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Pack Intermediate WING FOIL F-One Phantom FCT

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Pack Intermediate WING FOIL F-One Phantom FCT para evoluir no Wingfoil de forma fácil e económica, constituído por:

* Prancha Rocket ASC 5’10 ou 5’5

* Foil Phantom 1280/1480/1680 FCT, ideal para  Foil e Wingsurf

* Asa wing Strike 5m V1, ou 6m CWC



Pack Intermediate WING FOIL F-One Phantom FCT

O Pack Intermediate WING FOIL F-One Phantom FCT é constituido por uma asa Strike, por um foil Phantom FCT, e uma prancha Rocket Wing ASC, e é direcionado para quem já começou a praticar wingsurf e pretende evoluir de forma facil e económica.

O Pack é composto por:
Prancha Rocket Wing ASC 5’10 ou 5’5
Foil Phantom FCT 1280/1480 /1680, com mastro 65, 75 ou 85 cm
Asa Strike V1 5m, ou 6m CWC

Prancha F-One Rocket Wing ASC

With two sizes, 5’10 with 110L and 5’5 with 90L these boards have enough volume and width to make it possible for most riders to stand-up easily as well as making sure that riding back to the shore is possible, even when the wind drops. Its dimensions are ideal to begin and for an easy progression.
F-ONE has put all its experience in foil and wingsurf designs to create the ideal board which will suit most of the wingfoil rider’s needs. With its compact length and light weight, the board is responsive and ideally suited  to cruising or surfing on a foil, a wing in your hands.

F-One foil Phantom 1280/1480 FCT

The foils of the Phantom line are designed to glide effortlessly when pumping or connecting waves and then prove very agile and precise when surfing.
Speed and glide
Pumping/downwind machine
Nimble and maneuvrable
Using a refined design to achieve higher finesse, the Phantom foils glide faster and for longer. Connecting waves whether during surfing or downwinding thereby becomes much easier and more fun. Yet, connecting waves isn’t much fun if you can’t turn and this is why carving is also part of the DNA of the Phantom foils. By working on the lift distribution, arch shape and other details we achieved a high-aspect, performance foil that can carve smooth curves on the waves and swells.

Strike Surf Wing

F-ONE brought breakthrough design with the STRIKE wing and its innovative concepts.
Impressive stability and balance
Easy planning and performances
Extra comfortable and light
Huge wind range
Incredible upwind abilities
Fantastic jumping capabilities
Light and stable for perfect freefly sensations

Pack Intermediate WING FOIL F-One Gravity FCT

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