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KITE BANDIT S 10m 2020


De 2022-01-01 até 2022-12-31 ou até acabar stock

Kite com pouco uso, em excelentes condições.

Pode ser vendido com barra DEMO Linx 2020 45/38 cm, por mais 300€.

Para ver o kite liga para o 911 860 267 e marca uma visita ao showroom de Lisboa

Côr: Mango/Blue Lagoon

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Surfing with a kite presents a considerable challenge to the rider

the ocean is ever-changing and moves fast, the wind is a force in constant motion and you need to control the kite and the board to maximize every second of the wave.

Our goal with the BANDIT-S was to create a kite that allowed the rider to focus on riding the wave and not worry about the kite.

The bar pressure  is very light;

you never really feel the kite pulling or any fatigue on the arms.

With just small input from your fingertips, you can engage the incredibly responsive steering.

The leading edge is thinner, allowing the kite to twist, and the wingtip shape further enhances the response.

This is perfect for onshore riding conditions where you need to steer the kite around the wave as you ride.

You can quickly redirect the kite for a powerful bottom turn, allowing you to follow your surfing lines with precision.

When you push the bar out, you can completely dump everything in the kite.

This instantly releases any pull from the kite, allowing you to truly surf the wave from top to bottom.

It’s impressive how it changes the feeling of your board; suddenly, you will find yourself totally free on the wave.

The kite will deliver the exact amount of power and response you need the instant you demand it.

Stability was another area we worked on allowing the BANDIT-S to drift perfectly down the line in side-off conditions.

The kite is lighter this year, thanks to the new 130g Teijin Dacron with ripstop material we are using.

Not only does this help with the kites ability to drift, but it also improves the turning speed.

You’ll find the BANDIT-S is always precisely where you want it to be in the window at all times.

One of the best qualities of the new BANDIT-S is just how easy it is to fly;

it’s one of the most intuitive kites on the market.

IKSURFMAG Editor Rou Chater had this to say after he flew it

“The kite is incredible, it’s just so easy to fly and was always where I wanted it to be, fingertip control, incredible speed”.

It’s the kind of kite that you get dialled into in an instant, meaning you can concentrate on the wave in front of you.

For strapless riding, the BANDIT-S is designed to jump high, .

The loop it delivers has a small radius in the turn and won’t pull you sideways too much.

The instant depower also allows you to stay connected when throwing front and back rolls too.

All this control at your fingertips leaves you to work on your next big trick rather than thinking about the kite.

These qualities make the BANDIT-S a phenomenal kite for foiling,

the fast turning nature means you can generate lots of power early on to allow you to ride a smaller kite .

Its lightness and stability are essential features for foiling, and it’s great for gentle breezes.

If you want to boost some jumps on a twin tip, the S can do that too, it’s a very easy kite to jump.

It’s easy and forgiving when learning strapless airs, and for the freerider on a twin tip, this is true too.

Whatever board you are riding you’ll find the Bandit S intuitive to get airborne.

The BANDIT-S is the most natural and intuitive wave kite we have ever created;


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