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KITE BANDIT 9m completo 2016

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KITE BANDIT 9m completo 2016

Kite em bom estado de conservação, sem reparações.

Para ver o kite liga para o 911 860 267 e marca uma visita ao showroom de Lisboa

Côr: Green/Yellow/Red


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KITE BANDIT 9m completo 2016

Asa de kitesurf F-One Bandit Usada em excelente estado, com pouco uso. Barra e leash incluídos.

A kite model remaining a best seller for so long is such an exceptional and rare feat!

The BANDIT is probably the best selling kite in the world!
How can such a success spread over all these years be explained?
How has the KITE BANDIT 9th Edition 2016 been able to navigate through all the trends and fashions?

Could the KITE BANDIT 9th Edition be like a diamond which gets crafted over time?
Micka and I have been the unique developers since the first BANDIT! We have therefore been testing this kite together for the last 10 years while Robert GRAHAM joined us 4 years ago to take care of the design and reach the level of accuracy required to keep improving ever more.

Yet, the usual question still remains: what have you improved on this new collection?

First of all, this success proves that opting, ever since the first edition, for the DELTA C SHAPE concept that we developed and patented, was the right choice over the long term.

The flight behavior qualities brought by this design, its relaunch abilities and its safety have carved the longevity of the BANDIT when other concepts have
required re-design or have simply disappeared.

We also pay a lot of attention to the trends of our sport and the
BANDIT has always followed these evolutions.

Our design brief is very exacting, with a very wide array of performances and flying abilities, which is rather uncommon for an individual kite. The complete set
of tests and checks that we perform on every single prototype of each collection is truly uncompromising therefore pushing the kites to the maximum with no
settling for second best.

Year after year, every aspect deemed as slightly under performing is improved, while keeping all the qualities achieved to that point.

KITE BANDIT 9m completo 2016

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