Manera Blizzard Kitesurf Jacket

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Corta vento técnico impermeável adaptado para kitesurf, com abertura para arnês, 3 camadas,  leve e à prova de água e vento.

Para prática de kitesurf, para dar aulas kitesurf, ou utilização normal em qualquer outro desporto como corta vento.

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Manera Blizzard Kitesurf Jacket

Winter is all about strong wind & colds days, this is exactly what the Blizzard jacket is made for. This 3 layers vest is light, waterproof & windproof. The two side-pockets let the spreaderbar go through to be used when Kiting.

The Blizzard jacket creates a cocoon around the Kiter that allows a far better resistance to cold even with a standard wetsuit. Whether you are on the water or debriefing the session on the beach, the Blizzard will keep you warm & comfy.

Like a wetsuit, it is important to take care of it: Rinse it with fresh water after each session, keep it stored on a hanger.

Warning: Do not wear this jacket in surf conditions, it might compromise your movements in case of wipeout in the waves.



The windchill lowers your body temperature because of the passing-flow of lower-temperature air, it is emphasized if the body’s wet. That’s why it’s important to protect from the gusts, to avoid your wet wetsuit keeping you cold.
The Blizzard jacket’s 3 laminated layers are working like a hedge to cut the wind and protect the body from cold gusts.


Thanks to its micro-perforated internal membrane, the jacket evacuates moisture from your body when you’re active on land.
It makes it a good tool for any sport like SUPing, biking, or even for a walk in the street.

-Water repellent-

The pores in our internal membrane are not big enough to let water drops pass through. Being waterproof, the vest protects the rider from the windchill effect.

It also stays light as it doesn’t absorb water.

Manera Blizzard Kitesurf Jacket

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