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  • Surfskate YOW Aranburu 30.5″

    Surfskate YOW Aranburu 30.5″

     330.00 IVA incluído Adicionar
  • Surfskate YOW Hossegor 29"

    Surfskate YOW Hossegor 29″

     300.00 IVA incluído Adicionar
  • On Sale!Surfskate YOW Chiba 30"

    Surfskate YOW Chiba 30″

     259.00 IVA incluído
    De 2022-01-01 até 2022-12-31 ou até acabar stock
  • Surfskate YOW Huntington 30"

    Surfskate YOW Huntington 30″

     300.00 IVA incluído Adicionar
  • Surfskate YOW Coxos 31"

    Surfskate YOW Coxos 31″

     300.00 IVA incluído Adicionar
  • Surfskate YOW Lakey Peak 32"

    Surfskate YOW Lakey Peak 32″

     300.00 IVA incluído Adicionar
  • Surfskate YOW Mundaka 32' surf skate

    Surfskate YOW Mundaka 32″

     300.00 IVA incluído Adicionar
  • Surfskate YOW Pipe 32

    Surfskate YOW Pipe 32″

     300.00 IVA incluído Adicionar
  • Surfskate YOW Aranburu 32.5″

    Surfskate YOW Aranburu 32.5″

     330.00 IVA incluído Adicionar
  • Surfskate YOW Snappers 32.5" 2022
  • Surfskate YOW Fanning Falcon Driver 32.5″
  • Surfskate YOW J-Bay 33"

    Surfskate YOW J-Bay 33″

     300.00 IVA incluído Adicionar
  • Surfskate YOW La Santa 33″

    Surfskate YOW La Santa 33″

     300.00 IVA incluído Adicionar
  • Surfskate YOW Medina Camo 33.5″ 2022
  • Surfskate YOW Medina Tie Dye 33″ 2022
  • Surfskate YOW Fanning Falcon Performer 33.5″
  • Surfskate YOW Pyzel Shadow 33.5"
  • Surfskate YOW Pyzel Ghost 33.5″
  • Surfskate YOW Christenson Hole Shot 33.85"2022
  • Surfskate YOW Christenson Lane Splitter 34"
  • Surfskate YOW Christenson Skalle 34"
  • Surfskate YOW Kontiki 34″

    Surfskate YOW Kontiki 34″

     330.00 IVA incluído Adicionar

Yow skates

Yow skates is one of the top surfskate brands in the world.

Along with Carver Skates and Smoothstar, Yow – Your Own Wave – offers tha most innovative and trustable truck system to replicate surfing movements on land.

Yow Surfskate Truck System Meraki

The YOW Meraki surfskate truck system is the culmination of the last 5 years of research and development from this company.

They built a more simplified and reinforced design alongside with a patented spring system, that makes it one of the most unique surfskate set ups in the world.

By removing the expendable parts of the old system and keeping the patented spring system intact and reinforcing the essential parts making it lighter and more resistant as well as improving the aesthetics.

The new system is now unified to our very own skate trucks making it more stable without sacrificing the surfing flow our system is well known for.

Take your surfskating to the next level.

Yow Surfskate Truck System V4

The YOW V4 surfskate system was the 4th update of their patented surf adapter system.

It consists in two independent plates connected by a kingpin and a coil spring, that with the torsion of which, recreate the very same movement of a surfboard on a wave.

The system design allows you to install almost any kind of skateboarding truck on it, meaning that you can convert your regular cruiser into a surfing device in a matter of minutes.

Tired of surfing the streets all day long? The Yow V4 surfskate system comes with a blocking screw that converts your surfskate into a cruiser.

The YOW V4 system is available in two hardnesses:

S4: Built with a 4mm coil spring inside.

Ideal for surfskaters seeking for the sharpest carves and deepest cut backs or for people weighting less than 50Kg.

S5: Built with a 5mm coil spring inside. It offers an authentic surfing feeling for surfskaters above 50Kg.

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